I Gave Birth to Thai-Foodie

June 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s horrible. I haven’t updated this dear blog in ages. Mainly because I’ve been giving birth.

Not yet to the little BOY that likes to dance in my stomach when he hears the bass in the car or when I’m hungry, but to a new website: Thai-Foodie.

It will one day be over-flowing with recipes, Thai cooking tips and fun stories about Thai food and culture. But for now it’s my new baby that is quite small, but it’s definitely growing.

“That’s random. Why did you start a Thai cooking site?” I’m sure you’re thinking.

Since January I’ve worked at an online marketing company where I’ve had a sneak peek at what life behind the scenes of websites looks like. I’ve realized that all those foodie sites I drool over are not impossible to create. My friends at work all have own different domains, and have websites they work on for fun, and they inspired me to get my own.

As you know, or will soon find out at Thai-Foodie, my love for Thai food is what drew me to Thailand, where I met my Thai hubby, and now I’ve learned how to cook this magical food. On Thai-Foodie, I share my infatuation with others who are always asking me, “How do you make Thai food??”

So I’ve discovered I can actually run a legit Thai cooking site!—with the help of talented people.

Dom takes all the lovely mouth-watering food pics for it; my friend Joseph who has his own start-up social media business, Social-Chimp, has been my Web Master helping me with creating my site; my friend who is skilled at web design, Kelly, thought up my awesome logo; and my friends at work always keep me accountable by asking me what new post I’m working on, and how things are going.

I will still post on here from time to time on non-related cooking thoughts, but most of my web devotion will be to my new Thai-Foodie baby.

So if you want to learn more about cooking Thai food, Thai culture and little stories about the dishes I fell in love with, then feel free to check out Thai-Foodie.

Thanks for supporting us and our new baby, as we wait for our next one to finish cooking on October 3.


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